I designed this house for a test as a Background Designer on the FX series "Chozen".
I first collected reference based on the script provided. Ricky is a 20something Latino living in south CA, inside a garage coverted into a bedroom. I wanted to go for a dorm-room Bachelor pad feel, so I mainly referenced lived in dorms after i looked up garage lighting examples. Then I put in some clutter refs because garages just don't stay clean!
Quick preliminary sketch of the garage.
Desiging the whole house was even more tricky, since most South CA homes don't usually seperate thier garages from their homes! I looked for houses that gave off a southwestern feel, such a terra cotta tile. I realized that most houses int eh southwest LA area have fences around thier yards, but i decided to forgo those because it would be cleaner and also because of time restrictions.
Final House exterior
Final Garage Interior. Please note that this was a design test, and not associated with the final layout that appears in the show.
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